Melissa Wright

Very social outgoing and adventurous Love health and fitness Nutrition and remaining body confident

Currently 4th

in her Group

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Teaching both children and my amazing boot camp clients I have such passion in teaching and creating a learning space that allows all children to feel loved and acknowledged I feel blessed each day I walk in that classroom when I see their smiles and zest to learn My boot camp clients who I teach in the fitness world inspire me more everyday The motivation dedication and drive they have ignites a fire within me I live for Educating young minds and training clients makes my day complete

If you were voted our cover girl, what would you do with $10,000?

I would love to take my amazing children and partner on a holiday and spoil them as they are my life and my world. I would also invest in some fun new equipment for my boot camp clients to push motivate and inspire them to continue to train hard and educational resources for the children I teach and my own beautiful blessings I would love to put some aside and upgrade my old family car to a more functional vehicle in carting my gym equipment to and from the venue New gym wear if possible